You can find many keto meal replacement shake in the market simfast is one of the keto shakes. There are many shakes that claim to be keto meal replacement shakes. But you need to know that ifif can replace the meal or not?

Maintaining ketosis is usually a delicate matter. It can easily complicate food choices. Such choices make us focus on the keto slim shakes. A keto shake is of course, the one that follows ketogenic principals. If you are a keto dieter then you are surely be looking for ingredients like MCT oils and other fat supplements that are easy to digest.

Keto diet may require specific ration of ingredients so, it is very important for Keto liquid to have the things to avoid starve till the next meal. Keto Meal Replacement Shake can also be used in cooking or as a coffee creamer. So, it is important that it taste good.

Important to note is that you can discuss with your doctor before replacing meal with shake

Picture showing 4 Keto Meal Replacement Shakes

How Keto Meal Replacement Shake Helps To Achieve Ketosis?

Ketogenic diet is based on the metabolic sate usually known as ketosis. Such state can be achieved by having a low carb, and high fat diet. To have a ketogenic diet you may be having only 5 percent of carbohydrates, 25% of protein and almost 70 percent of fat that is provided by the body.

When you are in the state of ketosis, your body starts to burn the fats for energy. Burning fat for the energy can be the best friend to weight loss. Having such diet shown many health benefits like helping people with type 2-diabetes.  Such diets are seen as insulin boosting diet.  Different researches also confirm the claim that it can help people with obesity or type-2 diabetes.

You can find many keto meal replacement shakes like simfast keto shake in market. You can also make yourself a shake that is keto-friendly.

If you are new to ketosis then you need to know that you can experience side-effects in start but can receive benefits in the long run.

How to Make Keto Friendly Shakes?

Making a keto shake or keto liquid is not hard as it may sound to you. It is also said by many that most meal replacement shakes are not keto-friendly. The shakes available in the market can rely on high sugar fruits and other carb rich dairy products. Such shakes can add sugar to your system hence destroying the ketosis process.

You may find the best keto shake that from the market but it is also good to learn how to make one from your home.  There are many recipes for making keto shake. The recipe can include cream, almond milk, avocado, almond butter, flaxseed meal, cocoa powder, cinnamon, drops of stevia, vanilla extract, and salt.

Why to Use Meal Replacement Shake on Keto?

Meal replacement shakes can be quick to make. You can have them in less than 10 minutes. This can be the perfect recipe if you don’t have time. Keto meal replacements are also easy to customize as well as optimized according to your preferences.


Keto meal Replacement shakes are getting famous day by day. You can have many shakes from the market. A meal replacement shake should have all the things so that will not leave you starve for the next meal.

You can either have a pre-made keto liquid or you can make yourself a protein replacement shake. There are many recipes to follow for making keto shake. However, the entire recipe may include lower carbs and more proteins. Proteins are very important to consider on the keto diet, as protein can increase the ketosis.